Mission First Tactical AR-15 BMS BATTLELINK Minimalist Stock Mil-Spec Black (BMSMIL)

Mission First Tactical AR-15 BMS BATTLELINK Minimalist Stock Mil-Spec Black (BMSMIL)

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  • The Minimalist stock from Mission First Tactical is perfect for those looking for a no frills, adjustable length of pull stock that keeps weight to a minimum.  MFT has trimmed all the fat, so to speak, and cut this stock down to only what is necessary.  Although it cut down, this stock does still offer some of the features you need in a stock.
  • Obviously, the stand out feature of this stock is it’s extremely lightweight.   With a manufacturer advertised weight of just under 6 ounces, this stock is perfect for keeping the overall weight of your rifle down, if you are doing a lightweight build.  The stock also features a rubberized, slip-resistant butt pad.  This pad provides additional friction when you mount the stock to your shoulder, thereby decreasing the likelihood that the stock will come out of your shoulder pocket when firing.  The butt of the stock is also angled inward.  This was done in order to make it easier to roll your rifle up into firing position from the low ready.  The angled butt also promotes easier shoulder-to-shoulder transitions by giving your more clearance.
  • Although the minimalist stock doesn’t have much real estate, it does still offer several sling mounting solutions.  The MFT minimalist stock offer two, centrally located sling loops for directly attaching your sling to your stock.  Since these loops are centrally located, they are suited for both left and right-handed shooters.  In addition to this, there is also a centrally located QD sling mounting point near the anterior, inferior section of the stock.  Again, this QD mounting point is equally suited for left or right-handed shooters.
  • In order to enhance the shoot-ability of this stock, the cheek weld surface has been altered.  Instead of the cheek weld area following the contour of the buffer tube, in a cylindrical fashion, Mission First Tactical has designed the cheek area to be a relatively straight surface.  This allows for greater surface area and a flatter surface for your cheek rest.
  • Although minimalistic in nature, this stock was made to survive hard use.  The primary material involved in the construction of the MFT BMS is a reinforced polyamide.  This polymer was developed from DuPont’s Military Plastic Division

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