Nikon M-308 Scope 4-16x42mm w/ BDC 800 Reticle (16463)

Nikon M-308 Scope 4-16x42mm w/ BDC 800 Reticle (16463)


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As the name implies, the Nikon M-308 is specifically made for rifles chambered in .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm NATO) that a shooting a 168-grain boat tail hollow point (BTHP) match grade projectile having a muzzle velocity of 2,680 feet per second.  This scope features a BDC reticle that gives you precise hold over for various yardages to ensure that you can get on target quickly.


BDC 800 Reticle

The Nikon M-308 rifle scope has a custom designed reticle.  The reticle has specifically marked aiming points that allow you to precisely hold over your target to get the appropriate elevation change.  The main advantage of the BDC reticle is that it is much faster and more simple when transitioning between targets of multiple distances.  The BDC is calibrated for a .308 cartridge shooting a 168-grain BTHP match projectile traveling at 2680 fps when leaving the muzzle.



The M-308 is a variable magnification optic.  This means that you have the ability to zoom in or out, based on your needs as dictated by the target presentation.  The magnification range offered by this scope is from 4x magnification all the way up to 12 magnification.  This is a excellent mid-range magnification that will allow you to adapt to multiple scenarios.  The lower, 4x magnification, is excellent for giving you a wider field of view.  A wider field of view may be useful for observation or transitioning between multiple targets.  The higher, 12x magnification is also ideal for several other scenarios.  For instance, the higher magnification can be beneficial for target identification, as well are for longer range or more precise shots. 


42mm Objective Lens

The forward most lens is known as the objective lens.  The objective lens in this scope is a large, 42mm diameter lens.  The larger objective lens is able to gather more light to bring into the main tube of the scope when compared to a scope with a smaller objective lens.  With more light entering the scope, your images will be brighter and more refined.  This will allow you to have a image that is more detailed. 


Main Tube

The main tube of this scope is 1” in diameter.  You will need to use an appropriate, 1” diameter scope mounting system with this scope.  The 1” diameter of this scope allows it to remain relatively light while also giving you maximum strength and durability.  The main tube on the M-308 is one-piece.  This one-piece construction increases the reliability and durability of the scope, as there is less to potentially fail.  The main tube is sealed with an O-ring and filled with nitrogen.  Since nitrogen is an inert gas, this helps to scope to be extremely resistant to fogging up.  The O-ring also makes for a water-resistant seal.



The lenses used in this Nikon scope are fully multi-coated with an Ultra ClearCoat system.  This coating allows for up to 95% light transmission.  This high ratio of light transmission allows for maximum image brightness in all environmental conditions.



The Nikon M-308 uses exposed spring loaded turrets for elevation and windage adjustments.  The turrets are tactical style and feature easy to grip knurling with an instant zero-reset feature, as well as a zero stop.  The zero reset feature is quick and easy to utilize.  To rest the zero, you only need to pull up on the turret, turn it to zero and then push the turret back down.  The turrets feature a clicking detent to indicate when it has been adjusted by one position.  Each click of the turret gives you 1 MOA of adjustment. 



The M-308 has a long list of features, which includes the following

Matte finish to minimize reflection

Manually adjustable parallax setting

Compatible with the Spot On Custom Turret Program

40MOA of maximum internal adjustment

13.5” Overall Length

Weighs in at 19 ounces

3.7-4” Eye Relief

¼ MOA Windage & Elevation Adjustment Resolution



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Does the the Nikon M-308 come with a scope mount?

No.  The M-308 does not come with an included mount. When the M-308 was first released, it did come with an included 20 MOA base.   However, as production continued, Nikon no longer included the mounting base with the optic.  Some units may still use the original packaging, which includes a cut-out for the base.


Is the Reticle on the first or second focal plane?

The scope has a second focal plane reticle. This means that the reticle will stay the same size regardless of the magnification setting.  Due to this, the scope has to be set to a specific magnification setting in order for the BDC reticle to be accurate.]


What mount should I use for the M-308?

The 1” American Defense QD Scope Mount is an excellent choice for this optic.  This scope will also be compatible with other 1” scope rings and 1” scope mounting bases.



If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.  We will be happy to assist you!

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