Nikon P-223 3-9x40mm AR-15 Scope w/ BDC Reticle 8497

Nikon P-223 3-9x40mm AR-15 Scope w/ BDC Reticle 8497


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  • The Nikon P-223 3-9x40mm AR-15 scope is designed to make engaging multiple targets at variable distances easy.  This scope was specifically designed to be used on the AR-15 and has a BDC reticle that will match up with .223/5.56x45mm 55-Grain polymer tip loads.
  • The unique reticle used in this AR-15 scope provides the shooter is multiple aiming points.  This is known as a Bullet Drop Compensator, or BDC reticle.  This reticle has multiple crosshairs or aiming points that correspond with difference ranges that you are shooting.  The reticle has hash marks from 100-600 yards.  The advantage of having a BDC over a traditional scope is that it can be much faster and more consistent.  For instance, if you have to engage a target at 100 yards and a target at 400 yards, instead of having to dial up/down when you change targets, you can simply use the two different markings on the BDC.  BDC reticles can also be superior in that they can prevent confusion.  When you are changing between multiple targets and dial in the elevation, you may forget what you dial in on our next shot. With the BDC reticle since you are not changing the dial, there is less to worry about and less to be confused by.
  • The windage and elevation knobs can adjust the scope.  These elevation knobs are very precise and have a positive clicking detent to give you tactile and audible verification that you are altering your settings.  Each click of the adjustment knob will change your point of aim by ¼ MOA. 
  • This scope has a large, 40mm objective lens diameter to allow a greater amount of light to enter the optic, giving you a brighter, clearer picture. 
  • The tube diameter for this optic is 1 inch, and this gives you 80 MOA of maximum internal adjustment.  

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