Noveske 16″ 5.56x45mm Light RECCE Complete AR-15 Upper Receiver G1U-LRLP-556-SB

Noveske 16″ 5.56x45mm Light RECCE Complete AR-15 Upper Receiver G1U-LRLP-556-SB


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  • Noveske Rifleworks is well known to produce some of the finest AR-15 upper currently available on the market.  Their attention to detail, craftsmanship and premium manufacturing equipment ensures a consistently high performing product. 


  • The addition of the Bravo Company GunFighter Mod Charging handle is a solid choice for this AR-15 upper receiver.  This charging handle from BCM was designed for the modern day war fighter that uses modern weapons manipulation techniques.  This charging handle has an enlarged latch tab, making it easier to get a proper grip on the charging handle.  Although the charging handle latch is the most noted feature of this part, the real genius behind this charging handle is the fact that it was re-engineered to take the stress off of the roll pin.  The roll pin has been found to be the weak leak when firmly using a charging handle.


  • The Noveske SwitchBlock is a high quality gas block that is machined from 17-4PH stainless steel.   For increased corrosion and wear resistance, this AR-15 gas block has been finished with a black nitride coating.  This gas block is adjustable and has three different settings. These settings are “On”, “Off” and “Suppressed).  The on setting should be used during normal operation.  As the name implies, the suppressed setting is reserved for use when using a suppressor.  This setting reduces the amount of gas recycled back to the action.  When shooting a suppressed rifle, there is generally an excess amount of gas diverted through the gas port, resulting in increased bolt velocity and excess gas venting into the action.  The suppressed setting on the Noveske Switchblock reduces this issue by decreasing the amount of gas diverted to the action.  The off setting can be used in order to give you with most in sound suppression.  When firing this upper with a suppressor, the cycling action will also add to the sound signature.  By switching the gas block to the “off” setting, you will stop the action from cycling and the sounds associated with that action.
  • With the Silencerco Trifecta muzzle brake, this upper has been ideally set up to be suppressed.  This muzzle brake, when used by itself results is a very flat shooting rifle that can quickly attach to a (no supplied) SilencerCo suppressor.

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