OTIS Universal Elite Cleaning Kit Softpack (FG-1000)

OTIS Universal Elite Cleaning Kit Softpack (FG-1000)


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Cleaning Kit Includes the following Components

6 – Memory Flex Cables

22 – Bronze Bore Brushes

Obstruction Removal Tools

Specialized precision tools

Optics Cleaning gear

Removable Tactical Cleaning System for Field Use


Taking care of your firearms should be a primary concern to you.  Keeping your rifles, pistols and shotgun in clean, well working condition will ensure that you get the best possible performance.  However, gathering all of the necessary cleaning equipment can be a bit of a chore… Until now.


The Otis Elite Cleaning System is designed to give you a single cleaning kit that will service a wide array of firearms.  This kit was compiled to be used on rifles and pistols from .17 to .50 calibers.  Also this kit has equipment that will service shotguns from .410 to 12/10-Gauge, as well as in-line muzzleloaders. 


This kit contains over 40 components that you can use to clean your firearms.  The heart of the system is the Otis Memory flex cables.  These cables allow you to clean your bore from the breech to the muzzle.  This is the same way the bullet travel when exiting your barrel and pushes all of the debris out of the barrel instead of pulling it into the action.  To help remove copper and other fouling, this kit includes 22 bronze bore brushes.  These brushes can be pulled through your bore to help physically remove fouling and debris.


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