Pearce Glock Sub-Compact Magazine Plus Grip Extension (PG39-SUB)

Pearce Glock Sub-Compact Magazine Plus Grip Extension (PG39-SUB)


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This Pearce Magazine Plus Grip Extension Is Designed To Work With The Glock Models 26/27/33/39.  In Addition To Giving You More Gripping Surface, This Extension Also Acts To Increase The Capacity Of Your Magazine.


Made To Perform

When designing this piece, Pearce Grips knew that many people would be using this magazine extension on their carry or home defense pistol.  With this in mind, they knew that they had to develop a product that could stand up to hard use and be extremely reliable.  This is why this grip extension is made from a very high quality, high impact polymer.  The polymer used in this magazine plus extension has been tested to withstand drop tests a wide range of temperatures, ranging from -20 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  This ensures that, no matter what environment you are in, this product will not fail you.


Additional Capacity

In addition to giving you an additional 1” of gripping surface, this extension also increases the capacity of your magazine.  When used on Glock 26 magazines, this grip extension will give you the ability to load an extra 3-rounds of 9mm ammunition. When used on Glock 27 or Glock 33 magazines, this grip extension will allow you to load an extra 2-rounds of .40 S&W.  When used on magazines for the Glock 39, this extension will increase the magazine capacity by 1-round.


Consistent Design

Pearce grip designed this component to be consistent with Glock styling.  The texturing on the front strap of the magazine extension is very similar to the Glock factory texturing.  This gives the grip extension a factory like appearance making for a seamless integration with your pistol.

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