Pearce Grip Glock 43 +1 Magazine Extension (PG-43+1)

Pearce Grip Glock 43 +1 Magazine Extension (PG-43+1)


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The Glock 43 is a pistol that was designed for the concealed carry market. While the stock Glock 43 carries 6-rounds of 9mm, many customers were wanting something a little more. This is why Pearce Grips developed the Glock 43 Plus 1 magazine extension.


Extra Capacity

One of the primary benefits of this magazine extension is that it allows you space to load an extra round in the magazine. The extension is able to do this by lowering the floor plate. The Pearce Grip Glock 43 mag extension is designed to work reliably with the stock magazine spring.


Better Grip

In addition to giving you increased capacity, the magazine extension also gives you an enhanced gripping surface. The extension adds approximately 0.75” of additional gripping surface. This additional gripping surface is large enough to give you a better grip, but isn’t so big that it will make your pistol more difficult to conceal. With the lengthened gripping surface, you will be able to get more of your hand on the pistol. This can enhance your control of the Glock making your more confident when firing and enhancing your recoil control.



The Glock 43 Pearce Magazine extension is made polymer. The polymer used in this product is impact resistant and made to be very durable. The extension has texturing on the front to provide you an anti-slip gripping surface. The gripping texture matches that on your Glock 43, giving this magazine extension an OEM look, as if it came direct from Glock.

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