Phase 5 Ambidextrous Battle Latch Charging Handle

Phase 5 Ambidextrous Battle Latch Charging Handle

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Primary Features of the Phase 5 Ambi Battle Latch Charging Handle

Compatible with AR-15

Improves structural engineering

Ambidextrous Design

Upgraded Roll Pin

Broad Contact Points


Overview of the Phase 5 Charging Handle

The Phase 5 Charging handle is a substantially more functional upgrade to the traditional AR-15 charging handle.  Phase 5 has looked at several aspects of the charging handle and redesigned key areas to improve functionality and ensure a long service life under hand use.  This charging handle is designed for the modern shooter using modern techniques and can be used by left or right handed shooters


Ambidextrous Design

The standout feature of the Ambidextrous Battle Latch charging handle is that is was designed to be utilized by left or right handed shooters.  The practical designed allows for easy, full-time manipulation by left or right handed shooters. On the left side of the charging handle, you will find a traditionally located latch.  However this latch has been enlarged for easier manipulation.  The ambidextrous component is on the right side of the charging handle, where Phase 5 has integrated in a pinch latch.  This differs from other ambidextrous charging handle designs.  The function of this pinch latch is to allow left handed users to use their non-firing hand to manipulate the charging handle.


Improved Design

This charging handle was made to handle hard use.  The engineers at Phase 5 have beefed up some of the high stress points to ensure that the have adequate strength to give you a long service life.  For instance, the coiled spring or roll pin seen in standard AR-15 charging handle is substantially smaller than roll pin used in the Phase 5 Ambi Charging handle.  This charging handle uses a 0.1875mm diameter pin to give the charging handle more reliability and equal stress distribution. 

In addition to the beefing up the roll pin, Phase 5 has also made improvements to the main shaft of the charging handle.  The engineers at Phase 5 has decided to increase the sidewall thickness of the main shaft.  This results in a more rugged piece that will better handle heavy and hard use.  The increase sidewall thickness will prevent deformation and add durability.



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