Phase 5 AR-15 Extended Bolt Release V2 (EBRv2)

Phase 5 AR-15 Extended Bolt Release V2 (EBRv2)

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Purpose of the Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release

This AR-15 component is designed to give the shooter a more ergonomic solution to manipulate the AR-15 bolt catch/release.  Where a typical AR-15 requires a right handed shooter to dismount the rifle and take their hands off the fire controls, this device allows you to manipulate the bolt while maintaining a firing grip.  This provides the shooter with a much faster and more efficient way to release, clear malfunctions and otherwise manipulate the bolt carrier group.


Single Piece Design

The EBRv2 from Phase 5 is a single piece design.  Unlike other bolt catch/release extensions that clamp onto an existing bolt catch/release, this component completely replaces you stock piece.  By utilizing this single piece design, the Phase 5 bolt release lever is able to be much lower profile and fit almost any AR-15/M4/M16.  Also due to the single piece design, there are less potential failure points and no additional screws that could potentially back-out.


Quality Manufacturing

Phase 5 manufactures all of their product to a high standard.  The EBRv2 is no different.  This product goes through a 9-stage manufacturing process that is held to very high standards.  This attention to detail and quality manufacturing process ensures that this component will be dependable for you.

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