ProMag Mosin Nagant Archangel Opfor Precision Stock w/ Magazine Desert Tan (AA9130-DT)

ProMag Mosin Nagant Archangel Opfor Precision Stock w/ Magazine Desert Tan (AA9130-DT)


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Primary Features of the ProMag Mosin Nagant Precision Stock

Accepts Archangel detachable Magazine

Included 5-Round Magazine

Durable & Lightweight

Adjustable Length of Pull

Adjustable Cheek Riser

Integrated QD Sling Sockets


Overview of the Archangel Desert Tan Mosin Nagant Precision Stock

The Archangel Mosin Precision Rifle Stock is designed as a drop in replacement stock system for the Mosin Nagant.  The stock is made from a durable and light carbon-fiber filled polymer material.  The stock has several areas of adjustment for increased shooter comfort. The stock also has several other features found on modern sporting rifles, such as the ability to accept a 5 or 10-round box fed magazine (5- Round Mag Included). 



Due to the proliferation of the Mosin Nagant and variable manufacturing processes used to make the rifle, this stock may not fit all variations of the Mosin Nagant.  The stock is compatible with most M1891 rifles, as well as both hex and round receivers on the 91/30, Soviet M-38/M-44/Chinese T-53 carbines and the Finish M-39 rifles and carbines.


User Adjustable

This stock was designed for precision rifle shooting.  With this in mind, the engineers and designers at ProMag incorporated some adjustability into the stock.  This allows the shooter to set the rifle up for maximum comfort which will aide in consistency and can translate to more consistent shooting.


The Archangel Mosin Stock has an adjustable length of pull.  The length of pull can be adjusted from 13.625” to 14.75” via a click adjustable thumbwheel.


In addition to the length of pull, the cheek piece height can also be altered by the user.  By altering the cheek piece height, you can ensure that your eye is properly align behind your sights or optic while maintaining a full cheek weld.  The cheek piece is adjustable in 0.05” increments, giving you a fine degree of resolution.  Adjustments can be made by a click adjustable thumbwheel. 


Modern Features

The ProMag Mosin Stock system has several features that help bring the tried and true Mosin into the 21st century.


A rubber butt-pad is integrated into the rear portion of the stock.  This can help to mitigate some recoil.  The rubber surface also helps the stock to get a better purchase on the shooters shoulder.  This helps to minimize extraneous movement and better ensure that the rifle stays in place when mounted on the shooters shoulder.


The stock has a more ergonomic grip.  The grip is a goose-neck design that helps to keep the shooters wrist in a more neutral position.  The grip also has a palm swell for increased shooter comfort.  The grip also has a internal storage compartment for keeping small items.


For easier transportation when in the field, the stock has integrated QD sling attachment points.  These sockets will accept push-button style sling swivels.


The handguard does not come into contact with the barrel.  This free-floats your barrel which can have a positive affect on accuracy.  The system does include a barrel tensioner


The stock does come pre-drilled to accept a Timey Mosin trigger with no additional modification necessary.  If you intend on using your stock trigger, there is an included blanking piece as well that will fit into the pre-drilled area.

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