PMC Bronze 9mm 115-Grain Full Metal Jacket (50 Round Box) 9A

PMC Bronze 9mm 115-Grain Full Metal Jacket (50 Round Box) 9A


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  • The PMC Ammo company prides themselves on produce ammunition with uncompromising quality and performance.  The equipment used to produce this bulk ammo is very highly tuned to provide you with safe and consistent ammunition.  All ammunition undergoes a powder-check station, where the powder charge is electronically checked for consistency.  This powder charge verification is so sensitive that if the powder charge is as little as two-tenths of a grain off specifications, it is rejected.  With this level of scrutiny, you are sure to get some very high quality ammunition.
  • This PMC Bronze 9mm ammo was primarily produced as a training, practice, recreational round that also has deep penetrating capabilities.  This 9mm bulk ammo uses a 115-grain, full metal jacket, round nose projectile.  In the projectile the metal jacket completely encloses the lead core, thereby preventing any lead from fouling your barrel.  Due to the round nose design of the projectile, this ammunition feeds easily and reliably into modern semi-automatic pistols.
  • This 9mm ammunition was tested at a muzzle velocity of 1150 feet per second.  Combined with the 115-grain projectile, this gives the bullet 338-foot pounds of energy at the muzzle.
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