ProMag Archangel Remington 597 Conversion Stock (AA597R)

ProMag Archangel Remington 597 Conversion Stock (AA597R)


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Rifle not included

Compatible with all Remington 597 rimfire calibers

Included polymer bayonet


This drop in conversion stock from ProMag’s Archangel division is a great way to upgrade your Remington 597.  This conversion stock adds a lot of functionality to the 597 and gives it a look similar to the AR-15/M4/M16.


The Archangel AA597R is made from durable carbon fiber filled polymer.  This material ensures a lifetime of hard use.  The polymer is a proprietary blend that was developed to be extremely high strength an impact resistant.  This material is also low cost and very light.


The handguard system used in this Archangel stock conversion kit allows you to free float your barrel.  This means that there are no contact points between the handguard and your barrel. Having a non free-floating handguard can negatively impact your rifles performance.  This can be due to an alteration of your rifles harmonics.  By allowing your barrel to be free floating, you can give your rifle the best chance to maximize it’s accuracy.


The Archangel Remington 597 stock has many ergonomics benefits.  To allow this stock to fit a wide array of shooters, the stock can be adjusted to up to 6 different lengths of pull.  This allows you to set up your rifle to fit shooter from big to small.  Additionally, the archangel stock has a ergonomic pistol grip.  The grip has finger grooves to give you a comfortable gripping surface.  The grip also has a storage compartment in the base.


The Remington 597 Archangel stock has several sling mounting positions.  There are 4 QD cups located at several locations on the stock.  This allows you to easily and quickly attach a sling to your rifle. 


The ProMag conversion stock has a full length top Picatinny rail section.  This allows ou to mount optics and other Picatinny compatible accessories.  Also, the handguard has a 6 o’clock Picatinny to allow you to mount lights, lasers or a vertical grip.  For extra accessory space, the forend is slotted on the side for the attachment of optional Picatinny rails.  

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Looks good but……

    So the kit looks and fits good on the rifle. Shoot great too. One downfall to purchasing the kit is the stock scope does not fit. Now it will cost even more than expected to have a great looking .22 rifle since ill be spending anothet $200 on a scope that will fit

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