ProMag Mini-14 Sparta Stock Black (AA1430)

ProMag Mini-14 Sparta Stock Black (AA1430)


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Main Features of the ProMag Mini-14 Sparta Stock

  • Pistol Grip with integrated storage compartment
  • Recoil Pad
  • Full Length aluminum Picatinny top rail for optics mounting
  • Adjustable length of pull
  • Adjustable cheek piece
  • Sling mounting points

Overview of the ProMag Mini-14 Sparta Carbine Stock

  • The Mini-14/30 Sparta stock is designed to take your Ruger Mini-14/Mini-30/6.8 Ranch Rifle into the 21st century.  By enhancing the ergonomics and adding desirable features, this stock system will breathe new life into your Ruger carbine.

Enhanced Ergonomics and Usability

  • The Archangel Sparta stock is very comfortable to shoot and adds many new capabilities to your Ruger Mini.  First, this stock systems adds a pistol grip, which many people find to be more comfortable when shooting from the shoulder.  In addition to increasing shooter comfort, this pistol grip also has an integrated storage compartment that is accessible through the base.  Although small, this storage space can be used to store small items that you may want to keep with your rifle.  To make this stock able to suite any different individuals, the length of pull is adjustable.   The length of pull is adjustable to 4 separate positions.  In addition to this, in order to be compatible with a variety of sighting systems, the stock has an integrated, adjustable cheek weld surface.  The cheek riser is seven position adjustable to allow you to get the right fit for your application.  This allows you to adjust the cheek piece height so that you can line your eye up perfectly behind this sight.  This will mitigate parallax issues to ensure that you get on target as quickly as possible. 
  • One inherent issue with the Ruger Mini-14/30/6.8 Ranch Rifle is the difficulty in changing sighting systems.  The ProMag Sparta stock has solved this issue. The Sparta stock for your Ruger Mini has an integrated Mil-STD Picatinny 1913 rail along the top section.  This integrated rail is made from aluminum in order to provide you with a durable, rigid mounting platform.  This full-length rail is able to serve as a mounting surface to several red dot sights, variable power optics, and/or iron sights, as well as any other Picatinny mounted accessory you should choose to mount there.
  • This chassis system has several options for sling attachment.  The stock has 4 integral hard points for QD sling swivels.  The QD mounting points are located on the left and right side of the rifle, making them appropriate for left or right handed shooters. 
  • The stock also includes a removable recoil pad

Built to last

  • The ProMag Sparta stock is primarily formed from a proprietary Zytel based, carbon fiber filled polymer.  This material is extremely though a designed to provide you with a long service life.  Light weight and durable, this material is also extremely resistant to all common gun cleaner, solvents and lubricants.


  • The SPARTA stock is compatible with Ranch Rifle* versions of the Mini’s produced since 1982

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