ProMag Mosin Nagant Archangel Opfor Precision Stock w/ Magazine OD Green (AA9130-OD)

ProMag Mosin Nagant Archangel Opfor Precision Stock w/ Magazine OD Green (AA9130-OD)


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This package includes the stock system and magazine only.  No rifle is included with this package.


This stock is designed to be compatible with most M1891 Mosin Nagant rifles with hex and round receivers generally found on the 91/30, the Soviet M-38/M-44/Chinese T-53 Mosin carbines, and the Finnish M-39 Nagant rifles and carbines.


This stock system provides you a way to upgrade your Mosin Nagant to give it the capabilities to be relevant in the 21st century.  This stock is designed to have a drop-in fit with compatible rifles for easy installation with minimal hassle.


The stock was designed to be as tough as the Mosin Nagant Rifle.  It is made from a proprietary carbon fiber filled polymer.  This material is very strong and impact resistant while remaining lightweight and low priced.


This stock has several adjustments and features that greatly increase shooter comfort and give the rifle some added capabilities.  For instance, the Mosin Opfor stock has an adjustable length of pull, as well an adjustable cheek riser.  These two adjustments can be altered with two adjustment knobs that feature locking detents to maintain their position.  The butt stock end plate also has a rubber butt pad.  This rubber pad helps to absorb impact, and it also increases traction to prevent unwanted stock movement during firing.  In addition to these two adjustable features, the Mosin archangel stock as has a grip with improved ergonomics.  The grip on this stock is a modern goose-neck style grip.  This increased user comfort, as it allows for a more neutral position of your wrist.  In addition to this, the grip also has a comfortable palm swell to help fill up your hand


The ProMag Mosin Nagant stock also has a few more more modern features to help bring your Mosin rifle up to speed.  The stock has QD sling swivel cups that accommodate the use of slings with QD swivels.  Further, to allow your Mosin to reach its maximum accuracy potential, this stock system has a forend that will allow most barrels to free float.  The stock also has a barrel tensioner.


For those looking for the absolute most out of their Nagant, this stock is also inlet to allow for the use of the Timney Nagant trigger.  This allows you to install the trigger with no necessary modification to the stock.  However, if you do not choose to use the Timney trigger, the stock has a blanking piece that will fill the inlet space. 


One of the most impressive aspects of this stock is that it gives your Mosin the ability to use proprietary detachable box magazines.  ProMag has both 5 and 10-round magazines.  A single 5-round magazine is included with this package.

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