Primary Weapons Systems PWS CQB .223/5.56mm Muzzle Device 1/2×28 Threads (3CQB12A1)

Primary Weapons Systems PWS CQB .223/5.56mm Muzzle Device 1/2×28 Threads (3CQB12A1)

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The Primary Weapons Systems CQB muzzle device was optimized with the intention of being used by rifles with short barrels in confined spaces.  However, this muzzle device is also excellent in several other situations. 


Blast Mitigation

The PWS CQB ha several advantages that make it ideal for a variety of situations.  The main function of this flash suppressing compensator is to mitigate muzzle blast.  In confined spaces, such as indoors, muzzle blast and significantly distract and disorient the shooter, fellow SWAT team members, or other family members that may be close to your rifle.  The PWS CQB functions by projecting the muzzle blast and concussion forward, away from the shooter and those up-range.  This then limits the amount of concussion felt by them members of your team.  Additionally, if you shoot at indoor ranges or otherwise shoot around other people, you fellow shooter might appreciate the reduced concussion you send their way.


Flash Suppression

The Primary Weapons CQB also functions as a flash suppressor.  The end cap on this muzzle device features four prongs that are designed to limit the amount of flash emitted by your rifle.



The PWS CQB 556 was designed to be used in conjunction with rifles chambered in .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm NATO.  The threads on this muzzle device are compatible with 1/2×28 thread pitch.  This is the standard thread pitch found on the mass majority of AR-15 other other rifle barrels chambered in .223/5.56x45mm.  The CQB has a length of 2.57” and a diameter of approximately 1.4”.  The PWS CQB weighs ~7.5 ounces.


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