Remington UMC .300 Blackout SubSonic 220-Grain (20-Round Box) 21422

Remington UMC .300 Blackout SubSonic 220-Grain (20-Round Box) 21422


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The Remington UMC brand of ammunition is known for bringing excellent performance to the table while also being available at a very reasonable price.  300 AAC Blackout can get to be somewhat prices, particularly with subsonic loads, but with the manufacturing efficiencies of the Remington UMC product line, Remington has been able to keep costs low while still delivery an excellent product.



This particular load from Remington UMC is a .300 Blackout SubSonic load with a velocity rating of 1050 feet per second.  The main advantage of a subsonic round is that it is quieter than a standard velocity round an is ideally suited for use in a suppressor.  When a super sonic bullet is fired, it essentially created a sonic boom as it travels downrange.  This supersonic concussion adds the the sound signature of the firing cycle.  By using a SubSonic round, there is no supersonic concussion when you fire your rifle.  This eliminates one of your sources of sounds, making for a quieter shooting experience.  Ideally, subsonic rounds are put through a rifle with a suppressor, however, they can also be shot through a non-suppressed rifle.  For the ultimate in sound suppression, this round is best paired with a suppressor/silencer.

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