Seekins Precision 15″ MCSR V2 KeyMod AR-15 HandGuard (10530009)

Seekins Precision 15″ MCSR V2 KeyMod AR-15 HandGuard (10530009)

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Specifications of the Seekins KeyMod Rail System

Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum

KeyMod Accessory Mounting Slot at 3, 6, & 9 O’clock

Continuous Top Picatinny Rail Section

Included Barrel Nut & Mounting Hardware

1.8” Inside Diameter

Integrated QD Sling Swivel Mounts

Free Floating Design


Overview of the Seeking Precision 15” MCSR V2 HandGuard

The Seekins Modular Combat Suppressor Rail (MCSR) V2 is a high quality AR-15 handguard made by one of the best names in the industry.  This rail system was made to be both practical and tactical for use equally suite for a 3-gun match or out on a mission.  The KeyMod slots & top mounted Picatinny rail allow for easy configuration to your needs.  This rail has all of the features you need and has a great company standing behind it!


Suppressor Friendly

The Seeking MCSR was made to be able to complete a number of different tasks while remaining in a slim, lightweight package.  The Seekins MCSR V2 has a 1.8” internal diameter.  This size internal diameter allows for this rail to accommodate a number of different suppressors to be mounted recessed into the rail.  This allows you to use a shorter barrel for a more compact package.  Also, the rail will give you a lengthened gripping surface and also provide some protection of your hand against a hot suppressor. Although the Seekins rail was designed around being able to accommodate a suppressor, with the KeyMod system, it still maintains a relatively slim profile that users find comfortable to hold onto. 


Modular Capability

The Seekins 15” rail is built around the new KeyMod accessory mounting system.  This system, originally conceived by Eric Kincel, is a negative space mounting system that greatly improves upon the traditional Picatinny railing.  Some of the benefits of KeyMod when compared to Picatinny are a significant weight reduction, slimmer profile and more comfortable gripping surface.  The Seeking Precision KeyMod Rail has KeyMod mounting slots on the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock section of the rail.  This gives you a tremendous opportunity to mount your accessories in a number of different places, right where you want them to be.  Additionally, for Picatinny accessories, such as sights, the MCSR also has a top mounted Picatinny rail.


Packed with Features

The Seekins Precision 15” MCSR is extremely well engineered and has a number of different features integrated into its design. 


This KeyMod rail system is a one-piece free floating design.  This allows for maximum strength and rigidity.  By free floating your barrel, this handguard allows your AR-15 to reach it’s maximum accuracy potential.  Removing handguard interference from your barrel to negate the opportunity for your handguard to cause any barrel deflection.  Additionally, non-free floating handguards can negatively affect barrel harmonics, thereby leading to a potential degradation in accuracy. 


To make life easy Seekins has integrated QD sling mounts into the rail.  This allows you so save some money by not having to buy additional sling mounts.  The integrated QD sling swivel sockets are located at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock position on the rail, giving you a wide variety of options for your sling mounting preference, whether you are left or right handed. 


Some AR-15 handguard can be difficult to install and remain correctly timed.  Seekins has solved this problem by integrated anti-rotation tabs into the design of the handguard.  These anti-rotation tabs help you to easily properly align your rail during installation.  The tabs also make sure your rail does not rotate during hard use, when you need it the most.

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