Silencerco 5.56mm Specwar Trifecta Muzzle Brake (AC142)

Silencerco 5.56mm Specwar Trifecta Muzzle Brake (AC142)


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The SilencerCo Specware Trifecta Muzzle brake is designed to be compatibility with your Specwar 5.56mm SilencerCo Suppressor.  When combined with your SilencerCo silencer, this combination will offer you easy one hand on and one hand off mounting and dismounting to your rifle.


Muzzle Brake

The SilencerCo Trifecta muzzle brake features a 3-port designed.  The three laterally facing ports help to redirect muzzle gases to the side of your rifle.  By redirecting the muzzle gases, this has the effect of decreasing the felt recoil of your rifle.  This may also help to control muzzle climb.  By mitigating these two significant factors, this muzzle device may be able to help you remain on target more easily, allow you to rapidly engage your target with multiple shots.  The Trifecta Brake has been tested by several reviewers and was found to be very effective at reducing recoil & muzzle rise. 



The SilencerCo Specwar Trifecta Muzzle Brake is deigned to be compatible with your SilencerCo Specwar suppressor.  The brake has 1/2×28 threads.  This is a common thread pitch for most rifles chambered in .223/5.56x45mm.  The overwhelming majority of AR-15 barrels are compatible with 1/2×28 threads. 


The SilencerCo brake is made from steel.  The steel is precision machines to give you a very high quality component that will last for a very long service life.  The muzzle brake is coated by a very durable black coating. 

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