SilencerCo Osprey/Octane Suppressor Piston 16×1 LHM (AC28)

SilencerCo Osprey/Octane Suppressor Piston 16×1 LHM (AC28)


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16×1 LHM threads

Compatible With SilencerCo Osprey and Octane Suppressors

17-4 Stainless Steel Construction


The SilencerCo line of pistol suppressors has radically changed the industry.  With their innovative designs and high quality products, it is easy to see why.


The Osprey and Octane suppressors display excellent noise reduction capabilities.  For this reason, many users swap out their suppressors between multiple host pistols.  However, one possible issue you may have is that the threaded barrels of all your host firearms may not be the same.  No worries, that is there extra pistons come in.


These SilencerCo pistons are made from high quality 17-4 stainless steel.  The once formed, the piston is heated treat so that it attains maximum durability to give you a long service life.


The piston functions as a part of the Nielson device (also commonly referred to as “booster”).  The Nielsen device is the component of the suppressor that allows suppressors to function on semi-automatic, tilting barrel pistols.  The device essentially allows the suppressor to free-float during cycling, so that the pistol does not malfunction.


This piston contains the female threading that corresponds to the threading on your pistol’s barrel.  By swapping out your piston, you are able to change the compatibility of your suppressor and use it on a different host firearm. 


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