SilencerCo 5.56mm Saker Trifecta Flash Hider (AC238)

SilencerCo 5.56mm Saker Trifecta Flash Hider (AC238)

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  • SilencerCo is well known to be among the most innovative companies in the firearms industry.  Their line of modular suppressors has been extremely successful because of their impressive performance.  However, they are more than a suppressor company.  They offer much more, including muzzle devices and threaded barrels.
  • One of their more innovative products is this Saker Trifecta flash hider.  This muzzle device is compatible with the Saker MAAD mounting system.  This means that you can attach your Saker suppressor to this mount via the fast attach system.  This flash hider offers your Saker a fast attach/detach platform.
  • One of the most unique aspects of this flash hider is that the prongs are of unequal length.  While this may appear to be a manufacturing mistake at first glance, it was purposefully designed with this asymmetrical feature.  The reason for these prongs being unequal in length is that it prevents the prongs from resonating.  Typical pronged flash hiders have a distinctive pinging noise after being fired. The innovative design of the Trifecta Flash Hider does away with this. 

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