Spike’s Tactical NiB LightWeight AR-15/M16 Bolt Carrier Group (ST5BG05)

Spike’s Tactical NiB LightWeight AR-15/M16 Bolt Carrier Group (ST5BG05)

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Specifications of the Spike’s Light Weight Nickel Boron BCG

Lightened M16 Profile BCG

Nickel Boron Coating Inside & Out

High Pressure Tested

Magnetic Particle Inspected

Carrier is Machined from 8620 Tool Steel

Bolt is Machined From 158 Carpenter Steel

Tool Steel Extractor

Includes Black Extractor Insert & Viton O-Ring

Spike’s Tactical Lifetime Warranty


Overview of the Spike’s Lightweight BCG

Spikes Tactical is well known in the AR-15 industry to produce some of the best AR-15 products on the market.  This bolt carrier group is no different.  This part is made from high quality materials with an advanced coating that increases longevity and makes it easier to clean.  This BCG is a high quality component that will do what you need it to.


What are the Benefits of a Lightweight Bolt Carrier Group?

There are may reasons why you might consider buying a lightweight bolt carrier group.  First and foremost, you may be interested in this BCG if you are trying to build the lightest AR-15 that you can.  The lightening holes will reduce the overall weight of the carrier.


Another reason why you may consider this lightweight BCG is to reduce the reciprocating mass in your rifle.  This is the main reason why people are interest in lightweight BCG’s. By reducing the reciprocating mass, many feel that this results in decreased felt recoil.  The decrease in recoil can reduce muzzle rise and make your gun easier and more enjoyable to shoot.  Lightweight bolt carrier groups are commonplace in 3-gun and other firearms matches, but are growing in popularity in other arenas as others are seeing the benefits of using one. To get the most out of your lightweight BCG to reduce felt recoil it is recommended that you combine this lightweight carrier with an adjustable gas block.  This way you can adjust the amount of gas the is diverted to the carrier and make the proper adjustment to minimize the gas necessary to operate the action.


Yet another reason you may be interested in buying the Spikes Lightweight NiB BCG is because it will alter the cyclic rate of your AR-15.  If you leave your current gas setting and buffer weight, the direct impingement gas system will be utilize the same amount of force to push back less mass with the lightweight BCG.  Since the reciprocating mass is decreased and it is being forced back by the same amount of force, it will move at a greater velocity.  This will result in a faster cyclic rate.


What is Nickel Boron Coating

Nickel Boron is a coating that has several benefits.  It can increase the surface hardness of the part. The coating also has excellent corrosion resistance.  Nickel Boron is also known for being very lubricious, having a coefficient of friction as low as 0.07.  Due to this, many find that nickel boron is much easier to clean than standard phosphate carriers.

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