Spike’s Tactical AR-15 Mid-Length 16″ M4 LE 5.56x45mm 1:7 Twist Barrel (SB51605-ML)

Spike’s Tactical AR-15 Mid-Length 16″ M4 LE 5.56x45mm 1:7 Twist Barrel (SB51605-ML)

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The barrel is the primary component on every AR-15. This is why you should make sure that you invest in a barrel from a quality company, like Spike’s Tactical. Spike’s has been in the AR-15 industry for several years and have earn a solid reputation by putting out quality products that work. This AR-15 barrel is an excellent example of their fine craftsmanship.



The Spike’s Tactical M4 5.56 barrel is 16” in length. This is the minimum length for a rifle barrel without having to worry about the NFA law. The 16” barrel length is a good combination. It offers you the compactness to allow you to maneuver in tight spaces. However, the 16” length also allows for enough powder burn to get sufficient velocities to reach long range target and to have the desired terminal effect on targets.



The Spikes barrel is machined from a quality barrel steel. Certified MIL-B-11595E Chromoly Vandium alloy is used. This is a very high quality steel that will be able to withstand the high pressures, high heat and harsh environment of an AR-15 barrel. The barrel is finished with a phosphate coating. This coating helps to increase the resistance to corrosion. It also gives you a matte black finish which will reduce our glare signature. The inside surfaces of the barrel and chamber have been finished with hard chrome. This hard chrome chamber and bore are per mil-spec and help to increase longevity, improve resistance to corrosion and increase the ease of cleaning.

An AR-15 barrel is subject to very high pressures, which is why steel quality is of the utmost importance. Because of this, Spike’s individually subjects each barrel to a pressure test and then a magnetic particle inspection to ensure that your barrel is structurally sound.


Twist Rate

The Spikes’ Tactical barrel is rifled with a twist rate of 1:7. This indicates that the rifling in the barrel will complete one full revolution for ever 7 inches of barrel length. This has the effect of stabilizing the projectile while it is in flight. The 1:7 twist rate is common in military rifles and many find it desirable in the civilian sector as well. The 1:7 twist rate can work extremely well with a variety of different different bullet weights up to 77-grains.



The Spikes 16” M4 LE AR-15 barrel is fitted with a 5.56x45mm NATO chamber. This chamber will allow you to safely shoot .223 Remington, as well as 5.56x45mm NATO spec loads. Since the chrome plating process can slightly alter dimensions, the quality assurance team at Spike’s Tactical individually confirms the head spacing both before and after the plating process to ensure proper function when you install this barrel on your rifle.



The muzzle end of the barrel has 1/2×28 threads cut that are concentric to the bore. This is the standard thread pitch for .223/5.56mm rifles and will allow you to choose from a wide variety of muzzle devices.


Gas Port

The barrel is drilled with a gas port at the mid-length position. The mid-length gas system is slightly longer than a carbine gas system. Many users feel that the mid-length gas allows for a slightly less jarring recoil impulse while still maintaining excellent reliability.   

The barrel has a 0.750 diameter gas block step

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    Absolutely amazing

    This isn’t quite a review on the barrel itself, which is still awesome, but more of the customer service and shipping. I emailed them at around 1030am on Thursday. At 1040 I had an email from them answering my question. You don’t see that kind of dedication anymore and it was greatly respected. So I ordered this barrel around noon on the same day. I woke up today around noon and the barrel was already on my front porch. This was absolutely astonishing! Absolutely amazing and I will continue my business with them! Keep up the good work!!

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