Spike’s Tactical AR-15 Complete 16″ Upper w/ 12″ SAR3 Rail (STU5035-S2S)

Spike’s Tactical AR-15 Complete 16″ Upper w/ 12″ SAR3 Rail (STU5035-S2S)

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Spikes Tactical is a well known producer of AR-15 parts and components. They manufacture several high quality AR-15 parts and have a wide range of products to meet all of your needs. This AR-15 Complete upper receiver from Spikes was designed to be a fully Mil-Spec compliant upper receiver aimed towards law enforcement, but also offered to civilian consumers. This upper is made with high quality parts to give you top notch performance. But, best of all, it is offered at a very budget friendly price!



The barrel is obviously a vital component of every AR-15 upper receiver. This upper utilizes a 16” barrel that is manufactured by Spike’s Tactical. The 16” barrel has a government profile, which gives it about a medium overall weight.

The barrel has rifling that gives it a 1:7 twist rate, meaning that the projectile will undergo one full, 360 degree rotation for every 7 inches of barrel length. This twist rate is compatible with a wide variety of projectile weights, from 55-grain to 77-grain, and is known to perform particularly well with heavier, 69-77-grain projectiles bullets.

The 16” medium contour barrel is ported with a mid-length gas system. This gas system is longer than a carbine length gas system, typically seen in military 14.5” barrel, and is shorter than the rifle length gas systems seen in 20” AR-15 barrels. Although the 16” barrel can be ported with a carbine length gas system, many feel that the mid-length system has some advantages over the shorter carbine-length gas. Due to the increased length of the mid-length gas system, some users feels that this results in a more mild, less sharp recoil impulse. The mid-length gas system has also been around for several years and has a reputation of being very reliable.


Gas Block

The Spikes LE Upper receiver is fitting with a Spikes Tactical Low profile micro gas block. This gas block enables you to use a wide variety of handguard/rail systems that can fit over the gas block. The gas block is the standard 0.750” diameter that will fit the majority of AR-15 barrels.


Rail System

This AR-15 upper receiver uses a Spike’s Tactical SAR3 rail system. This rail system gives this upper receiver a tremendous amount of modularity and versatility. The rail features four, full length sections of picatinny railing. These rail sections allow you to mount any number of picatinny compatible accessories, so that you can outfit it with whatever accessories you need for your application.

The rail ha also be designed to be very light. This allows the upper to retain a more slim weight that minimally influences the overall balance of the rifle.



The main features of this upper include the following…

A2 Flash hider

SAR3 Picatinny Quad Rail System

Spikes Tactical Mil-Spec M16 Bolt Carrier Group

Micro Gas Block

16” Government profile barrel

5.56x45mm NATO Chamber

Mid-Length Gas System

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