Tango Down Glock 42/43 Vickers Slide Stop/Release Lever (VTSS-002)

Tango Down Glock 42/43 Vickers Slide Stop/Release Lever (VTSS-002)

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The Vickers Glock 42/43 slide stop/release is a monumental improvement over the OEM component.  Glock pistols are known to have a slide stop lever than can be difficult to manipulate in the best times.  Throw in the stress from a life threating situation into the mix and the stock lever may fairly difficult to get to.  This is where the Vickers slide stop comes in.


Optimized for Function In All Situations

The Tango Down Glock 42/43 slide stop gives you a better platform to manipulate the lever by slightly bowing out more.  Although the slide release is slightly enlarged compared to the OEM version, it is still relatively streamlined with the pistol and does not cause a clearance issue when carrying concealed for firing.



The thumb pad surface of the Vickers lever has a deep v-cut pattern.  This helps to add traction and gives your thumb a tactile and consistent platform to manipulate the slide stop.  It also helps to prevent slippage in that case that your hands and thumb come sweaty, or otherwise slippery, such as wearing a glove.



The Tango Down Vickers slide release is formed by a precision stamping process.  The material used is 4130 chrome moly steel.  The steel is finished with a non-glare black finish that is consistent with the OEM component.  The slide stop has a length of approximately 2.1” and weighs just 0.2 ounces.  The Vickers slide stop is a drop-in component that replaces the stock slide stop.

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