Tango Down Full-Length Vertical Grip Black (BGV-MK46BLK)

Tango Down Full-Length Vertical Grip Black (BGV-MK46BLK)

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The company Tango Down is well known for their prolific vertical foregrip.  Some say that this brand of vert grip is the one that started it all.  The Tango Down MK46 has become the standard go-to for US military small arms.  The level of utility and performance of this vertical fore grip is unmatched, and a reason why it is so popular.


The Tango Down vertical grip has an ergonomic design.  The handle is not perfectly circular, but contoured slightly to better fit your hand. 


This vertical grip was designed to be able to put up with hard, military use.  The grip is made from heat and impact resistant injection molded polymers.  This durable material is sure to provide you with a long service life.


For a solid lock-up to your Picatinny rail, the TD grip has a dual locking back mounting system.  This mounting system offers you redundancy for added reliability.


The handle on the grip has an integrated pocket for a surefire pressure switch.  This provides a solid mounting platform for the pressure switch so that you do not have to use inferior tape or zip tie mounts.


The core of the grip is hollow.  This gives you a storage compartment that will hold small items.  The storage compartment is accessible via a screw on cap that has an integrated O-ring for water resistance. 

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