Tapco AR-15 Magazine Gen-2 30-Round Polymer Dark Earth MAG0930DE

Tapco AR-15 Magazine Gen-2 30-Round Polymer Dark Earth MAG0930DE


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Tapco makes a wide variety of polymer based products.  The Tapco Gen II AR-15 magazine is at the forefront of their product line with many new developments what result in a high quality, very reliable and durable magazine.  Best of all, it is available at a very low price!


The 2nd Generation Difference

Tapco has upgraded their AR-15 magazine from the previous generation.  The exterior portion of the magazine remains relatively the same as the previous generation.  The changes are mainly internal, where it counts the most.  These internal changes have a significantly greater effect on the overall function of the magazine.


Magazine Spring

One of the internal changes introduced in the Gen 2 mag is the spring material.  Tapco has now elected to use 17-7 stainless steel as the material to use in their spring.  This is a heavy duty spring that will give you a long service life and help to prevent malfunctions. The stainless steel is also extremely resistant to corrosion.  This prevents the development of rust and other corrosive materials.


In addition to making a difference in the spring material, there have also been some other changes made to the spring.  Tapco has made a slight reduction in spring tension.  The reason for this is to decrease the stress that is transferred to the magazine body when the magazine is fully loaded and the spring is fully compressed.  This helps to prevent cracking of the mag body spine.


In addition to the above mentioned alterations, the mag spring has also been reshaped.  By reshaping the magazine, they were able to make the Gen 2 mag smoother, quieter and easier to load to full capacity.


Anti-Tilt Follower

The original Tapco AR-15 magazine had an anti-tilt and the 2nd generation magazine maintains this functionality.  The main alteration made to the gen 2 follower allows it to better handle debris.  With the second generation follower, dirt and debris is better able to fall though the magazine to help minimize any malfunction that debris might cause.  


Mag Body

The external magazine body of the Tapco Gen 2 AR-15 magazine is optimized for functionality.  The mag body has several raised ribs.  These ribs give you some extra traction to grab on to your magazine to give you a more secure grip during mag changes and any other magazine manipulations.  Additionally, the base plate give you another easy to grab surface.  The lip on the base plate can be extremely useful when getting your magazine out from a chest rig or mag pouch.


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