Tapco AR-15 Stock Castle Nut & Flash Hider Wrench TOOL0904

Tapco AR-15 Stock Castle Nut & Flash Hider Wrench TOOL0904


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Overview of the Tapco AR Stock Wrench

The Tapco AR-15 Wrench is a multifunction tool that is an absolute necessity for any AR-15 shooter or enthusiast.  The tool is capable of performing several key tasks for your AR rifle.


Castle Nut

The tool has an integrated AR-15 castle nut adapter.  This allows you to tighter or loosen the castle nut on your mil-spec diameter AR-15 carbine stock.


Receiver Extension / Buffer Tube

If you have a fixed AR-15 stock, this AR-15 wrench can help you out as well.  The oval cutout on this wrench is compatible with a standard length receiver extension.  It will slip onto the rear of your receiver extension an allow you to easily install or remove your standard length buffer tube


Muzzle Device

The Tapco Wrench also has a cutout that is compatible with a standard A1/A2 flash suppressor.  And to cap things off, the designers at Tapco has also designed in a beverage opener.


Made With You In Mind

This AR-15 tool is made to last.  It is formed from durable heat treated steel.  The steel is finished with a manganese phosphate finish that gives it a black appearance and helps to prevent corrosion and decreases wear.  The gripping portion of the wrench has a rubberized coating.  This helps to make the wrench much more comfortable to use an helps to ensure a slip resistant grip.


The product is proudly made is the United Stated of America and is covered by a Tapco Lifetime warranty.

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