Tapco SKS Magazine 20-Rounds 7.62x39mm Detachable (MAG6620 BLACK)

Tapco SKS Magazine 20-Rounds 7.62x39mm Detachable (MAG6620 BLACK)


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Tapco SKS Magazine Overview

The Tapco SKS magazine was made for the avid shooter.  It is made from a very durable material with heavy duty magazine springs for excellent durability & reliability.  The impact resistant polymer magazine body has integrated horizontal grooves molded into it.  These grooves increase the available traction and allow you to get a better grip on the magazine.  This can be helpful during magazine changes, or it can give you a sturdy gripping to shoot from.  The Tapco SKS mag uses a tough metal floor plate.  This floor plate will give you maximum strength and durability that will handle hard use. 



922r Compliance

Since SKS’s are foreign manufactured, they are subject to 922r compliance.  However, since these Tapco mags are manufactured in the United States, they help count towards your non-imported parts on your SKS rifle.  The magazine body, mag follower and floor plate all count as three separate compliance parts.



This SKS magazine is primarily designed to be utilized with SKS’s that have been fitted with a Tapco (or other) synthetic/composite stock.  However, with minor modifications, this magazine can work is SKS’s with wooden stocks.


This SKS magazine will not fit all SKS rifles without modification.  If you have a Russian SKS rifle, modification to your rifle will be required to use this mag.  You can use with magazine with factory wooden stocks with a slight modification.  It will require that you file the inside of the magazine well on your wooden stock large enough to accept this magazine, as this polymer magazine is wider than a standard steel SKS magazine.



It is advised that you only insert/remove this magazine with the bolt locked to the rear position on your SKS.

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