Timney Triggers AR-15 Skeletonized 3-Pound Trigger (661-S)

Timney Triggers AR-15 Skeletonized 3-Pound Trigger (661-S)


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Specifications of the Timney AR-15 Trigger

Skeletonized Trigger Bow

~3-Pound trigger pull

Small Pin size (0.152-0.157)



The Timney AR trigger is primarily designed to fit in AR-15 lower receivers with Mil-Spec internal dimensions.


Some Timney triggers can be used in 22 LR conversions.  However, it is recommended that you use the 4-pound trigger for these applications.  The 4-pound Timney trigger will work in the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22.


Timney triggers can be installed into polymer and carbon AR-15 lowers.  However, it is recommended that a thin piece of sheet metal be plated between the bottom of the lower and the Timney trigger.  If you have a polymer lower, you can call Timney to request a special plate to put between the lower and the trigger group.


Built to Last

The Timney AR-15 triggers are built with the intention of going through hard use.  The metals used in the trigger mating surfaces are Teflon nickel plated.  What this means to you is that no lubrication is necessary to ensure optimal functioning.  However, you should keep the surfaces clean.


This Timney AR trigger is non-adjustable.  All of the settings are permanently set.  This increases reliability, as there are no set screws that could back out or other potential points of failure.


Easy Installation

The Timney Skeletonized Trigger comes as a pre-assembled unit.  This unit can be easily installed into your AR-15 lower in a matter of minutes.

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