Troy BattleRail Alpha 11″ AR-15 HandGuard Black (STRX-AL1-11BT-01)

Troy BattleRail Alpha 11″ AR-15 HandGuard Black (STRX-AL1-11BT-01)


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11” Rail Length

Includes two 2” and one 4.2” Picatinny rail sections

Mounts to standard AR-15/M16 barrel nut (not included)


The Troy Alpha rail is one of the first modular AR-15 handguards on the market.  This handguard ushered in a new era of lightweight, comfortable and user configurable rail systems for the AR-15. The Troy Alpha Rail is based off of the Troy TRX Extreme AR-15 Handguard.  The basic difference between TRX Extreme and the Alpha rail is the mounting mechanism.  The TRX Extreme used a proprietary barrel nut and the handguard had screws to clamp down on the barrel nut.  The Alpha handguard mounts differently first in the fact that it uses a standard barrel nut.  The alpha rail simple slides onto the standard barrel nut and is then held in place by setscrews that press against the barrel nut.


The modularity of this rail system is a huge advantage over the previous quad rails.  By removing all but the top Picatinny rail, the Troy Alpha rail is able to save a significant amount of weight when compared to quad rails.  However, even with this loss of rail space and weight, it still retains the ability to mount your accessories where you want them.  This AR-15 handguard includes three Picatinny rail sections that can be installed by the user on to the handguard.  So, you can still retain the ability to mount what you want, were you want it.


In addition to removing weight, by removing the full-length Picatinny rail sections, you allow for a comfortable gripping surface.  The quad rails of the past were not comfortable to hold onto during a long firing session, The peak and valleys of the Picatinny rail would grip into your hand and not be a pleasurable experience.  The Troy Alpha rail, on the other hand, has a smooth and narrow gripping surface, which makes for a much more comfortable shooting experience.  

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