Troy Alpha Rail 15″ BattleRail AR-15 Hand Guard Black STRX-AL1-15BT-01

Troy Alpha Rail 15″ BattleRail AR-15 Hand Guard Black STRX-AL1-15BT-01


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  • The Troy Alpha Rail is based off of the previously popular TRX extreme rail.  When initially launches, the Troy alpha rail revolutionized the AR-15 rail based hand guard systems.  The Troy Alpha rail bring with it unparalleled modularity with a strong a stable, free floating design.


  • Prior to the Troy Alpha Rail, the predominant AR-15 hand guard system consisted of quad rails.  While these did and still do serve a purpose, many find the old quad rails to be excessively big, bulky and unnecessarily laden with unused rail space.


  • Seeing this gap in the marketplace, Troy came up with the first popularized modular free floating rail system for the AR-15, the Troy Alpha Rail.  The Troy alpha rail foregoes the traditional quad rail profile ad only retains a 12 o’clock mounted full-length Picatinny rail.  The rest of the rail system is circular, which enhances ergonomics by making for a very comfortable gripping surface.  However, although the Troy Alpha Rail as dispensed with the majority of the Picatinny railing, it can be reattached at will.  This 15” Troy Alpha Rail set comes with two 2” Picatinny rail sections and one 4.2” Picatinny rail section.  These rail sections can be attached to the Troy battlerail in a place of your choosing.  With this method, you avoid the excess bulk and weight of a full quad rail, but retain the ability to mount your accessories where you need them.


  • The Troy Alpha BattleRail is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and also utilizes some stainless steel components.  The aluminum parts have been finished with a mil-spec hard coat anodizing. 


  • For ease of installation and integration to your current AR-15, the Troy Alpha rail mounted to a standard AR-15/M16 barrel nut.

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