Troy BattleRail Alpha 7.2″ Carbine AR-15 HandGuard Black (STRX-AL1-72BT-01)

Troy BattleRail Alpha 7.2″ Carbine AR-15 HandGuard Black (STRX-AL1-72BT-01)


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Mounts to (not included) Standard AR-15/M16 barrel nut

Includes two 2” and one 4.2” detachable Picatinny rail sections

7.2” in length


The Troy Alpha rail is one of the most ubiquitous modular AR-15 handguard on the market.  This modular handguard system is based off of the revolutionary TRX Extreme design. The Alpha rail is an evolution of the TRX Extreme in that it does not use a proprietary barrel nut, but mounts to a standard AR-15 barrel nut.  This results in an excellent mounting system that is very sturdy.  Also, since the Troy Alpha rail mounts to a standard barrel nut, you may not have to remove that component for installation, making for a faster and easier install.


The Troy Alpha rail is machined from aircraft grade aluminum.  This gives the Alpha rail excellent strength while still remaining relatively light in weight. 


The Troy Alpha rail is the next evolution of the antiquated quad rails.  While the quad rails did off you extensive space an options as to where to place your accessories, they were often bulky and heavy.  The Troy Alpha rail solves this problem by taking a modular approach.  Realizing that most individuals do not need four full length Picatinny rails, Troy removed all but the top rail.  However, should you need to mount accessories to your Alpha Rail, you can simply bolt on a section of Picatinny railing.  This provides you with what you need, where you need it.

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