Troy BattleSight Micro Sight Picatinny Black Front/Rear SSIG-IAR-SMBT-00

Troy BattleSight Micro Sight Picatinny Black Front/Rear SSIG-IAR-SMBT-00


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Troy Industries is simply the name for rugged and dependable back-up Iron Sights.  Their standard metallic sights are known as BattleSights because they are engineered to withstand hard use.  Relatively new to the Troy BattleSight line of BUIS is the Micro sights.  These sights are unique in that they offer a lower profile design.  They are intended for use on firearms with a flat top Picatinny rail that has a higher height over bore than the standard AR-15 receiver.  Also, these sights an be used for shooters who prefer to have a lower cheek weld and want their sights as close to the bore as possible. 

The Micro sights are ideal suited for firearms such as the HK 416/417, Robinson Armament XCR, Sig Saur 556 pistol/carbine, FN SCAR, POF 416, as well as many other rifles with raised top rails. 

The rear sight features dual apertures.  One aperture is wider, which most shooter find better suited for close quarters engagements.  The other, more aperture most shooters use for longer, more precise shots.  The rear sights is windage adjustable.  Windage adjustments can be made via the adjustment knob on the right side of the side.  The windage adjustments do not require any other tool than the tip of a bullet for adjustment

Both the front and rear sights have positive locking detents to keep the sights in place.  

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