Troy Di-Optic M4 Micro Sight Set Black Flip-Up Irons (SSIG-MCM-SSBT-00)

Troy Di-Optic M4 Micro Sight Set Black Flip-Up Irons (SSIG-MCM-SSBT-00)


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Micro Sight

The Troy Micro Sight Set Series of flip-up back-up iron sight were developed for a specific purpose.  The reduced height of the sights make them ideal for rifles with raised top rails.  Such rifles include the HK IAR, Sig Sauer 556, POF 416, FN SCAR, Robinson Armament XCR, as well as the Heckler & Koch 416 & 417 carbines.  By having a decreased sight height, you are able to have a reduced height cheek weld and keep the sights closer to the bore.


Additionally, these sights can also be used on a standard AR-15/M16/M4.  These sights are lower than traditional AR-15/M4 height sights and will not co-witness with a standard A2 front sight base.  Using these sights on a standard height AR-15 receiver is for shooters that want their sights closer to the bore or do want a lower cheek weld position.


Dioptic Aperture Sight Picture

These Troy BattleSights feature Troys Di-Optic Aperture (DOA).  The DOA aperture has a diamond-like shape as opposed to a more traditional round aperture found on most AR-15 iron sights.  By the sharper, more refined reference points of the angles on the diamond, many users find it easier to more quickly and precisely line up the sights. 



Troy Industries is known for making some of the best back-up iron sights available in the industry.  They have a simple and robust design that has been battle proven with their many military and law enforcement users.  The sights are easy to deploy by simply grabbing them and flipping them up.  Once in the erect position, the sights will maintain their position during heavy recoil and in a battlefield environment to ensure a consistent zero.  These sights were made for hard use.

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