Troy PDW Stock Kit M7A1 for AR-15 Black (SBUT-PDW-F0BT-00)

Troy PDW Stock Kit M7A1 for AR-15 Black (SBUT-PDW-F0BT-00)


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The Troy Industries M7A1 AR-15 PDW Compact Stock kit gives you the capability to turn your AR-15 into an extremely compact package.  Due to the integrated BCG & buffer system, the PDW stock is able to reduce the profile of the AR-15 stock by 3 inches.  This reduced signature enables the AR-15 to be adapted to several other missions.



The Troy PDW stock was designed to be as durable as an other AR-15 stock.  The stock features a heavy duty latch assembly to assure secure and reliable adjustments.  The entire assembly is manufactured from extremely durable materials to ensure that it can withstand hard use and give you a long service life.


Included Components

The Troy PDW stock kit includes the compact stock, action spring, as well as a complete proprietary bolt carrier group.  The bolt carrier group included in this package has an integrated buffer system.  This allows for the reduced length.  The included BCG features a gas key that is designed for direct impingement AR-15 systems.



The PDW stock is is designed to be installed on standard AR-15 lower receivers.  The replacement proprietary BCG/buffer system is compatible with AR-15 upper receivers and can be used with .223/5.56x45mm or .300 Blackout rifles.  Due to the gas key found on the bolt carrier, this system is only compatible with direct impingement AR-15 carbines.



The M7A1 Stock from Troy Industries allows for full usage of all operating features of your AR-15 even with the stock full retracted.  This is due to the low profile of the stabilization rods.  The stock can be quickly and easily lengthened by depressing a lever on the underside of the stock.  The locking release lever can be operated by either hand and the operator can depress the lever and extend the stock in one fluid motion.

In order to accommodate a wide variety of shooter, the Troy PDW stock has an adjustable length of pull that can be set to any of 6 different positions. 

To help integrate your sling, the PDW stock has built in sling mounts. 

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