Troy Di-Optic Rear Folding Picatinny Mounted BattleSight (SSIG-DOA-RFBT-00)

Troy Di-Optic Rear Folding Picatinny Mounted BattleSight (SSIG-DOA-RFBT-00)


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Troy Industries has made their name by building the gold standard of picatinny mounted back up iron sights (BUIS). The Troy BattleSights has a robust design and are built high level of precision to give you a quality product. This new Di-Optic Aperture in an improvement on an already excellent design and gives you advanced capabilities.


Di-Optic Aperture

The standout feature from this set of Troy iron sights is the Di-Optic Aperture. As you can seen, the rear aperture is diamond shaped, as opposed the the more traditional round aperture of the standard A2 rear sight. The diamond shaped aperture was designed to allow you to get lightning fast target acquisition. The sharp lines allow your eyes to effortlessly align the front and rear sight to give you a precise and steady sight picture.


Dual Apertures

This Troy rear sight features two rear apertures. This includes a smaller and larger aperture that can be selected by simply flipping the device. The larger aperture is designed for use for engaging targets up to 300 meters away. The smaller aperture is designed to allow you to engage target up to 500 meters away. This versatility makes the Troy Di-Optic sight an ideal choice for home defense, as well as military and law enforcement applications.



Tory builds their products for the professional end user. With this in mind, they known that they have to build sights that will work in even the most harsh of environments. This is why these sights are so robust and machined from quality materials. The sights are mainly constructed from aluminum. The aluminum used in these sights is aircraft grade to ensure that these sights will be durable. The sights also uses stainless steel components. These stainless components are extremely resistant to corrosion, allowing them to operate in all conditions.



This sight is primarily designed to be used on an AR-15. However, they can be attached to any picatinny rail surface. The sight, when mounted on a flat top AR-15 upper receiver will be at the standard AR-15 rear sight height. This allows you to combine this sight with any standard height front sight to use on your AR-15.

The Troy rear sight is easy to install with it’s integrate picatinny clamp mount. The sight can be adjusted for windage. Each click adjustment causes a 0.50 MOA shift.

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