Truglo Tritium Night Sights for Glock 42 3-Dot Green (TG231G1A)

Truglo Tritium Night Sights for Glock 42 3-Dot Green (TG231G1A)


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These TruGlo night sights are designed to be compatible with the Glock 42 concealed carry pistol. This package includes both the front and rear sights. 


These nights have tritium inserts in the both the front and rear sight.   Tritium is a radioactive material that is self luminous.  What this means to the shooter, is that you will be able to use your sights in low light or no light situations.  Since the tritium provides it’s own light, it is very reliable.  The tritium does not need to be “charged” by daylight, like other glow sights.  Also, these sights do not need to be powered by any other external source, like batteries.


Defensive situations commonly occur in low light locations.  The lack of light can make using your sights extremely challenging.  With the bright glow of the tritium inserts, you will be able to engage your target more accurately and quickly.  The glow of the tritium inserts can also give you other advantages.  For instance, the glow of the tritium can make your pistol easier to find if you store it on your nightstand during the night of if you have a dimly lit safe. 


The sights are made from steel, which makes them extremely durable.   For the utmost in precision, the sights are CNC machined to make them very consistent and ensure a good fit to your pistol.


The sights have a single tritium insert in the front and two tritium inserts in the rear sight.  This gives you the standard 3-dot sight picture that many shooters are familiar with.


The sights are standard height, which means that they will fit into standard holsters without issue. 


The sights have a snag resistant design to decrease the change of the sights getting hung up on clothing or other items.

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