TruGlo TFLO Tritium/Fiber Optic Green/Yellow Sight Set for Glocks (TG131GT1Y)

TruGlo TFLO Tritium/Fiber Optic Green/Yellow Sight Set for Glocks (TG131GT1Y)


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Includes both front and rear sights

3-Dot sight arrangement

Yellow 2-Dot Rear Sight

Green single dot front sight

Compatible with several Glock pistols

Provides excellent aiming reference in all lighting conditions


The TRUGLO TFO Glock sight set provides you with a high quality set of sights that will work with you in a wide variety of lighting conditions.  While most sights cater to being used in daylight conditions or low light conditions, the TFO are a no compromise solution that provide an excellent sight in all lighting conditions


The main feature that sets the TRUGLO TFO’s apart from other sights on the market is the simultaneous use of both tritium and fiber optic illumination devices.  By combining these two useful features, you are able to get an excellent, all light sight.  For low light situations, the Glock TFO sights have tritium inserts.  Tritium is a radioactive substance that has self-luminescent properties.  This means that this material can provide it’s own light and is not reliant upon being charged by day light or external power sources.  This means that you have a reliable night sight that will be there when you need it most.  During day light situation, the fiber optic insert provides you with a bright, easy to locate aiming point.  The fiber optic insert works by collecting ambient light and focusing that light to the end of the fiber optic.  This result in two bright yellow dot glowing in your rear sight and a single green dot glowing in the front sight. 


These TruGlo sights are made for hard use.  The sights are CNC precision machined from steel for excellent durability.  The sights also have a snag resistant design to prevent unintentional snags and prevent any injury to the user.  These sights are standard height and will not cause any clearance issues when trying to fit them into your holster.


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