Troy Rear Folding Sight Picatinny Mounted BattleSight Black (SSIG-FBS-R0BT-00)

Troy Rear Folding Sight Picatinny Mounted BattleSight Black (SSIG-FBS-R0BT-00)


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Overview of the Troy Rear Flip-Up Sight

Troy Back-Up sights are the gold standard when it comes to rifle iron sights.  They have been battle proven and are the first choice for various Special Operations and Tactical units across the world.  These sight take advantage of a simple design that is highly reliable and easy to deploy.



This rear sight is designed to be mounted to a MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny style rail.  The sight uses a clamp type mounting system that can be adjusted by using a flat head screw driver.  The sight can be easily installed and removed from a firearm with no permanent modification necessary.


Made for Hard Use

This Tory rear sight has a stainless steel cross locking system.  This ensures that the sight stays erect when deployed.  This also ensures that your sight remain in place and zeroed in combat conditions.


These sights are machined from a very high grade of aluminum that is typically used in aircraft manufacturing.  The sight also has various stainless steel components.  The sight is finished in a Mil-Spec hard coat anodizing.


Easy to Use

The sights can be easily flipped up for deployment and folded away when not in use.   A simple push button allows you to fold the sights away until they are needed again.


The rear sight features a click style adjustment that allows you to change the aiming point.  Each click of the adjustment knob will alter your point of aim approximately 0.50 MOA.

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