Leapers/UTG PRO 4/15 AR-15 Super-Slim Drop-In Carbine-Length Handguard (MTU001SS)

Leapers/UTG PRO 4/15 AR-15 Super-Slim Drop-In Carbine-Length Handguard (MTU001SS)


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Compatible with AR-15 standard delta ring, USGI barrel nut and round handguard cap

6.9 ounces

Picatinny top rail

Compatible with carbine length gas system


UTG is known for making high quality, low priced accessories for your AR-15 rifle.  This handguard comes in at a low price and adds a lot of function and versatility to your rifle.


This AR-15 handguard system is designed to be a simple drop in replacement for you standard plastic AR-15 hand guard. This handguard installs on your existing USGI barrel nut, Delta ring and round handguard cap.


At a light, 6.9 ounces, this handguard system adds minimal weight to your AR-15.  This helps to keep the same relative balance of the rifle.


The UTG Pro has a continuous Picatinny rail section along the top of the handguard.  This top section allows you to mount night vision, or any other Picatinny compatible accessories.  In addition to this top Picatinny rail, you are also able to mount other Picatinny rail sections.  The UTG pro handguard is a modular system.  This means that you have the ability to mount additional Picatinny rail sections if you mission calls for it.  The kit includes two 2-slot rail sections, as well as two 4-slot rail sections.  These removable rail sections can be mounted on the 3, 6, or 9 o’clock positions on the UTG pro.

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