Leapers/UTG PRO Model 4 13″ AR-15 Super Slim Rail HandGuard (MTU006SS)

Leapers/UTG PRO Model 4 13″ AR-15 Super Slim Rail HandGuard (MTU006SS)

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Great Product at a Great Price

  • The UTG Pro series super slim handguard is an excellent value for what you are getting.  This rail system is free floating. This means that that only contact point it has to the rifle is via the barrel nut.  This, in turn, means that the handguard will have a minimal influence on the barrel.  Non-free floating hand guard can negatively affect barrel harmonics.  Also, when shooting from a braced position with a non-free floating barrel, you may actually induce a small degree of temporary barrel inflection.  The free floating systems solves all of those problems by only contacting the rifle via the barrel nut. 

Comfortable and Adaptable

  • This AR-15 hand guard system as a MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail at the 12 o’clock position.  This rail runs the full length of the hand guard and offers an uninterrupted top rail for your AR-15.  In addition to this top rail, the UTG Pro has accessory attachment slots at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions.  These attachment slots are able to accept the three supplied Picatinny rail sections.  This offers a great advantage over traditional quad rail had guards.  The traditional, full length quad Picatinny hand guards were extremely rough on your hands when shooting and felt light a cheese grater.  In addition to this, the excess rail sections causes an increase in weight and girth.  By having this slot system, you are able to place a piece of rail right where you need it.  Since the entire hand guard is not covered in Picatinny rail, the handguard is much more smooth and pleasurable to hold on to.


  • To make installation easier and prevent any unintended movement, the handguard and integrate anti-rotation tabs.  These tabs help to keep your rail mounted in a rock solid fashion and prevent any movement.


  • This hand guard system is designed to be installed on a standard AR-15 upper receiver.  Any upper receivers that have been redesigned, oversize, or otherwise altered from the traditional design may not be compatible with this hand guard system. 
  • Gas piston systems may not by compatible with this hand guard.  This handguard was developed with the intention of being used with gas impingement rifles.  

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