Viridian Reactor Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Green Laser (R5-SHIELD)

Viridian Reactor Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Green Laser (R5-SHIELD)

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Compatible with Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Pistol

Includes ECR Holster


  • The Viridian Green Laser unit is the perfect companion to your concealed carry pistol.  This module provides you a green laser aiming point that can greatly enhances your accuracy under stress and in low light situations.
  • When combined with the (included) ECR compatible holster, the laser unit will automatically turn on when you draw your pistol from the holster.  This gives the viridian green laser a tremendous advantage over it’s competitors.  This means that there are not additional training considerations you need to undertake to turn your laser on.  No fumbling for buttons in high stress situations.  Just draw from your ECR holster, and your bright green laser will be there.
  • At 0.78 ounces, this laser unit adds minimal bulk and weight to your pistol.  It will hardly change the balance of your Shield and will take little effect to get accustom to.
  • The laser has constant on, as well as pulsed mode available to the user.
  • The laser is the brightest laser available by law and is so bright that it can be visible up to 100 yards away during daytime and up to two miles away at night. 
  • To ensure that your laser is ready when you need it, the unit has a low battery indicator for when it is time to swap out the batteries for some new ones. 
  • This laser module is made from durable thermomolded polymer.  This material is impact resistant and light weight.
  • The battery will provide you with up to 1 hour of continuous use.
  • To ensure that this laser points exactly where you want it to, it is able to be adjusted by the user for both windage and elevation.  

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