VLTOR AK-47/AR-15 Stock Adapter (RE-47)

VLTOR AK-47/AR-15 Stock Adapter (RE-47)

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Compatible with only fit sheet metal variants of the AK with the exception of the Yugo, Iraqi Tabuk or receivers that are slant cut.

Receiver extension is made to Mil-Spec diameter and will accept most mil-spec diameter stocks.


The AK-47/74 is well known to be one of the most durable and reliable platforms out there.  However, it isn’t always known to be the most ergonomic.  Further, a lot of Americans tend to have a lot more experience with the AR-15 and may get spoiled by the very comfortable ergonomics of the AR-15.  Thanks to VLTOR, there is now a way that you can combine the best of both worlds, with the VLTOR ModStock Adapter.


This adapter serves as a receiver extension you’re your stamped AK rifle.  It is a direct replacement for the standard AK fixed stock.  What this adapter allows you to do is to mount an AR-15 stock to your AK.  This stock adapter will allow you to mount any AR-15 adjustable carbine stock that is compatible with a mil-spec receiver extension.


Another functionality that this stock adapter gives you is the ability to change your length of pull.  The ModStock Adapter has five positions available for you to choose the appropriate length of pull.  This is a feature that traditional AK stocks cannot offer.


This AR-15 stock adapter is designed to be as rugged as the AK-47, itself.  The receiver extension is made from impact extruded 7075-T6 aluminum.  This aluminum is extremely high quality and known for its excellent strength characteristics.  For enhanced corrosion and wear resistance, the stock is finished in a hard coat anodizing to provide a durable, matte black finish.


This receiver extension adapter has an integrated storage compartment.  This watertight storage space can be accessed from the rear of the unit.


To make sling integration easier, the stock adapter has an integrated ambidextrous single point sling mount that is compatible with QD slings.


The Magpul CTR stock is an excellent choice to mount to this receiver extension.  The CTR has optional cheek risers that will allow you to get the proper cheek piece height so that you can maintain a proper cheek weld. 

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