Wilson Combat NP3 AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group TR-BCA-NP3

Wilson Combat NP3 AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group TR-BCA-NP3


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  • The Wilson Combat BCG is made by the same military specifications contractions that make parts for the world-renowned Wilson Combat AR-15 rifle.  They are among the best AR-15 bolts and bolt carrier groups available on the market today.  One reason for the success of these Wilson Combat Parts is because of their materials and manufacturing process.


  • The bolt in this BC is precision machine from Carpenter 158 steel.  After the part has been formed, it is shot peened in order to produce a compressive residual stress layer.  This stress layer increases the longevity of the bolt by decreasing the occurrence of cracking.  To ensure consistent quality and protect against unseen flaws, each bolt is subject to an MPI (magnetic particle inspection) process.  A randomly chosen bolt from each batch is subject to a HPT (high pressure test). 


  • The ejector and extract are made from tool steel and are outfitted with the proper spring to ensure the correct tension is maintained for proper cycling.  Per military specification, the extractor is formed from 4140-gun quality steel.  This steel is then annealed and then cold drawn to form the part.


  • The external surfaces of the bolt carrier group are NP3 coated.  This results in increased resistance to corrosion and wear, as well as decreases the difficulty of cleaning.  The Wilson Combat BCG is made from 8620 steel.  The gas key, which can be a point of failure in inferior BCG’s, is bolted to the carrier with Grade 8 fasteners, which are then properly staked at the Wilson Combat warehouse.       


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