Wilson Combat ETM 1911 8-Round .45ACP Elite Tactical Magazine Stainless (500)

Wilson Combat ETM 1911 8-Round .45ACP Elite Tactical Magazine Stainless (500)

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Wilson Combat is a company well known to only put out the best possible products on the market.  The Wilson Combat ETM is another example of this, as it underwent a rigorous designing and engineering process and is manufactured to the highest standards.



In developing the Elite Tactical Magazine, Wilson Combat brought over 30 years of 1911 magazine experience to the table.  The objective in designing this magazine was to set a new industry standard of what a 1911 magazine should be.  In setting out to accomplish this feat, Wilson Combat has brought together the latest manufacturing processes, as well as real world shooting experience to bring you the best possible product that could be made.


Corrosion Resistant

One of the requirements that Wilson Combat set for this 1911 magazine is that is be able to perform in all environments.  This means that the magazine had to be resistant to corrosion to ensure consistent performance in a variety of climates.  With this mind, they choose to use materials that would ensure that this objective would be met.  High-grade stainless steel and a durable nylon based polymer were used as construction materials.  These materials are extremely resistant to corrosion and will perform in every environment ensuring that your magazine will function when you need it to.


Magazine Tube

The main body of the magazine was designed to be the strongest magazine tube developed.  This immense strength is important, as it virtually eliminate many common problems seen in weaker magazines.  This strong magazine tube helps to drastically reduce cracking of feed lips, as well as feed lip spreading, as well as generally magazine failure and fatigue.  The experience of the engineering team that developed this magazine shows in the attention to detail.  For example, the radius of the bends needed to form the magazine tube was taken into special consideration. The design team chose the appropriate amount of radius to ensure maximum strength of the stainless steel.  Further, to ensure consistency, a new manufacturing process was devised to enable the machinery to hold tight tolerances to make these bends as exact as possible.


Magazine Spring

The spring used in this Wilson Combat 1911 magazine is formed from a space age stainless steel.  They have found that this material offers a very impressive service life.  The designers were also careful to avoid over compression of this spring.  The ETM has a specially designed base pad that allows for a longer magazine tube.  This allows for more space for the magazine spring, thereby avoiding complete compression or excessive stress placed on the magazine.


Primary Features of the Wilson Combat ETM

  • Stainless Steel Magazine Tube
  • Proprietary Welding Process
  • Multi-Step Tumbling & Finishing Process For Enhanced Smoothness
  • New Follower Design
  • Self-Lubricating Follower
  • Long Life Stainless Steel Wire Spring



If you are a looking for a thorough review of the Wilson Combat ETM, check out the article from Gun Nuts Media.  They give a great overview of the difference between the older 47D-Series Wilson magazines, and the newer Elite Tactical Magazines.

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