Wilson Combat 5.56x45mm Match Grade Tactical LightWeight AR-15 16″ Barrel (TR-556LW16-18)

Wilson Combat 5.56x45mm Match Grade Tactical LightWeight AR-15 16″ Barrel (TR-556LW16-18)


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Wilson Combat is known as a company that pays attention to detail and only put out products that are of the highest quality. With nearly 20 years of experience in building finely crafted AR-15 rifles, Wilson has made tremendous developments and has a comprehensive understand of what an AR-15 needs to perform optimally. The impressive experience and high tech manufacturing processes have all been put to work in producing this barrel to ensure that it performs well for your needs.


Raw Materials

All Wilson Combat AR-15 barrels start out as a solid piece of American made 416R stainless steel. This type of steel was specifically made to be used for rifle barrels. With the steel selected, it is the shaped by computer controlled equipment. This ensures that the final form of the barrel is kept consistent and held to exacting standards.


Attention to Detail

One of the reason why Wilson Combat has such high quality product is because they are willing to do the extra work to get the job done right. This can be seen in the finishing process of their barrels. Each barrel is hand polished. Both the bore, as well as the feed ramps are highly polished in order to give you a smooth, consistent surface that will facilitate impressive performance. The barrels as also subjected to a rigorous final inspection process to ensure that all criteria are me.



The barrel has a chamber with 5.56x45mm NATO specifications. This chamber will allow you to safe fire both 5.56x45mm ammunition, as well as commercial .223 Remington ammunition.


Barrel Profile

This barrel is designed to be light weight and easy to maneuver. With this in mind, the barrel features a thinner contour in order to remove additional mass. The reduced mass of this barrels really helps to make your entire rifle more maneuverable, as it decreases the front end weight. Although the barrel has a thinner profile, it still retains a 0.750” gas port seat. This is the standard gas port size for AR-15 barrels, which will make it easy to find a compatible gas block.


Gas Port

The barrel has a mid-length gas system set-up. This gas system is slightly longer than carbine length gas system. The increased length of the gas system can have an effect on the felt recoil of the rifle. Many users feel that the mid-length gas system results in a more gentle push type of recoil compared to a more aggressive snap of a carbine length gas system. The mid-length gas systems have also proven themselves to be extremely reliable.



The barrel is rifled with precision button rifling. The rifling has a twist rate of 1:8, meaning that the rifling will induce one complete rotation for every 8 inches of barrel travel. This is a twist rate that has become more popular in the recent years due to its excellent compatibility with a wide variety of projectiles.

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