Yankee Hill Machine SLK Slim Light KeyMod 9.25″ Mid-Length AR-15 HandGuard (YHM-5240)

Yankee Hill Machine SLK Slim Light KeyMod 9.25″ Mid-Length AR-15 HandGuard (YHM-5240)

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Design for Standard AR-15 Upper Receiver

Includes all necessary mounting hardware & wrench

Full length top Picatinny rail

Only 7.8 ounces



 The SLK series from Yankee Hill Machine Company is the newest edition to their line of AR-15 hand guard.  This new line of handguard was developed to be light, slim, durable and modular.  This Slim Light KeyMod rail delivers all of the features you want at a very affordable price.


This Yankee Hill KeyMod HandGuard is YHM’s lightest mid-length handguard. This system comes in at 7.8 ounces, and that is including the barrel nut and mounting hardware.  The main reason for this substantial weight reduction is due to the KeyMod negative space mounting system, as well as the additional lightening cuts.  The KeyMod mounting system has many substantial advantages over the traditional Picatinny quad rail set-up.  In addition to the substantial weight reduction, you will also not a much slimmer profile.  Many find this slimmer profile much easier to grasp.  The slimmer profile facilitates a thumb over bore or c-clamp grip much more effectively than the bulky quad rails.  Additionally, the Picatinny railed handguards were notoriously rough on hands.  The sharp angles and deep grooves would make it feel like you are essentially holding onto a cheese grater.  The smooth edges of this KeyMod rail are much more comfortable to hold onto for a day full of shooting.


The Yankee SLK handguard offers you KeyMod accessory mounting slots along the 3, 4, and 9 o’clock positions.  Additionally, a full length Picatinny rail is available at the 12 o’clock position.  This top Picatinny rail section allows you to easily mount sights, night vision optics, or any other Picatinny mounted accessory.  The top rail is also T-Marked to allow for easy referencing when remounting your equipment.


This AR-15 handguard was made for hard use.  The KeyMod rail is machined from durable 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.  This gives you excellent strength while remaining lightweight.  The aluminum is finished in a matte black hard coat anodizing, giving it excellent corrosion and wear resistance. 


This package includes all of the necessary equipment to mount it to your AR-15.  In addition to the 9.25” rail system, you all get 4 screws, a matching Allen wrench, installation instruction, and a barrel nut.  

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