YHM Gas Block Low Profile w/ Set Screw for AR-15 0.750″ Yankee Hill (YHM-9383)

YHM Gas Block Low Profile w/ Set Screw for AR-15 0.750″ Yankee Hill (YHM-9383)

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The Gas Block is a Vital Component of your AR-15.  This is why Yankee Hill Machine has developed a high quality, extremely reliable steel low profile gas block.  This gas block is precision machined from high quality steel and finished with a mil-spec phosphate coating.


Low Profile

This gas block was designed to be sleek and streamlined.  The minimalist nature of this gas block gives you greater flexibility with assembling your AR-15.  Due to the small size of this low profile gas block, it is able to fit under the majority of AR-15 rails & handguards on the market.  This gives you the ability to run an extended length handguard without worry of interference.  And extended length rail can have several benefits.  When combined with this low profile gas block an extended handguard will profile extra protection to the gas block.  By covering the gas block with your handguard, your gas block will be better protected from impact.  Due to the vital function of the gas block, protecting it by nesting it under your handguard can be a great benefit.



The Yankee Hill Low Profile Gas Block uses two set screws at 6 o’clock to hold the gas block onto your barrel.  This set screw setup allows the gas block to be significantly smaller than gas block that use a clamp style mounting setup.  Additionally, due to the 6-O’clock position of the set screws, they help to ensure a tight seal between the gas port and your barrel and the gas inlet in the gas block itself.



This gas block is designed to be used with an AR-15 barrel.  The bore diameter of this low profile gas block is designed to be compatible with barrels with a 0.750” Gas block step.  0.750” is the standard size gas block step for AR-15 barrels.  Lighter and thinner “pencil” barrels will require a smaller gas block and larger, bull barrels will require a gas block with a larger diameter.  

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