Zev Glock 17 Dimpled Barrel Stainless Steel (BBL-17-D)

Zev Glock 17 Dimpled Barrel Stainless Steel (BBL-17-D)


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Specifications of the Zev Glock 17 Barrel

  • Match Grade Drop-In Fit
  • Precision Machined from 416R Gun Barrel Stainless Steel
  • Tolerances Held to +/- 0.0002”
  • Proprietary Twist Rate
  • SAAMI Spec 9mm Chamber
  • Cut Rifling w/ Broach Finish
  • Compatible with Gen 1-4 Glock 17


Overview of the Zev Glock 17 Dimpled Barrel

Zev Technologies is well known to produce some of the finest aftermarket Glock components available.  They have garnered a solid foothold in the industry due to their attention to detail and ability to consistently put out products that fill demanding customer requirements and perform as advertised.  This Glock 17 barrel is another great example of the impeccable engineering and manufacturing at Zev.


High Quality Materials

Zev has chosen to use 416R stainless steel as their base material for this barrel.  This steel is a pre-hardened chromium stainless steel that was purposefully designed for match grade precision rifle barrel.  This grade of steel is easy to machine, allow for consistently tight tolerances and the ability to achieve a high polish.  This steel is also extremely durable with a high tensile strength that can withstand the high pressures associated with firearm chambers.


Precision Machined

Zev Tech knows that barrels need to be made to very precise specifications.  The Zev Tech match grade barrels are some of the most precise barrels made on the market today.  Every single barrel produced by Zev Tech is double honed.  This allows for a minimum surface finish of 16 RA.  This is one of the many reasons these barrels have received such great views!


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