ZEV Tech Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger Kit Glock 17/19/26 9mm Gen1-3 Black w/ Red Safety (FUL-ULT-9-B-R)

ZEV Tech Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger Kit Glock 17/19/26 9mm Gen1-3 Black w/ Red Safety (FUL-ULT-9-B-R)


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Included Parts

Highly Polished Trigger Bar

ZEV Trigger Pad & Safety

ZEV Trigger Safety Spring

Ejector Housing

ZEV Race Connector

ZEV Trigger Spring

ZEV 2-pound Striker Spring

ZEV 3-pound Striker Spring

ZEV Stainless Steel Firing Pin Safety

ZEV Firing Pin Safety Spring

ZEV Skeletonized Stainless Steel Striker

2 Adjustment Wrenches




All 9mm Glocks Gen 1-3

NOT compatible with Gen 4 Glocks




The trigger is one of the most important parts on your Glock.  It is the mechanism that you have the most intimate interaction with.  The feel of your trigger and make or break your entire perception of the pistol.  Upgrading your trigger will give you a better overall experience with your Glock.


Due to the simplicity of the Glock pistols, this trigger kit is extremely easy to install.  Also, given that the trigger kit is already assembled into large components means that installing this Zev Trigger kit should be pretty quick.  Due to the Glock’s being as simple as they are, this kit only requires that you use a 3/32nd punch or Glock disassembly tool to do all the necessary disassembly.


The Zev Trigger kit will transform the way your trigger feels.  The first thing you will notice once you have this kit installed is that the face of the trigger has a different profile.  The trigger shoe on the ZEV trigger kit is flatter and the trigger safety is 3x wider.  This helps to place your finger in the proper position on the trigger with speed and accuracy. 


The replacement trigger bat has been polished.  This decreases any friction that had been there before, giving you a smooth, predictable trigger pull throughout the entire range of trigger motion.


Glock pistols are known for their pronounced rest.  Zev Technologies has improved upon this already strong point with a super crisp tactile reset that alerts you to a clear moment when your pistol is ready to fire again.  This enhanced rest allows you to ride the reset and quickly and accurately manipulate the trigger with amazing efficiency. 


The trigger weight can be slightly adjusted.  The trigger can be set to break with as little as 3 pounds of required pressure.  This reduced trigger pull weight means that your muscles don’t have to work as hard.  The can result in reduced fatigue and can potentially improve accuracy.


The trigger is also adjustable for both pre-travel and over-travel.  This can give you a faster, shorter trigger pull and a faster reset to allow you to get fast splits.  

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